Is Vic Franqui From A Scammer? Part 2

I was writing the reply to the comment left by "what is the iq of a monkey" aka Blah blah(on my blog) from part 1 but it was going to be longer than I expected. So, I decided make another post. Here is the original comment from part 1:
It is me who made the comment that you are discussing now. You haven’t heard about me but I earn a living online. Now, let’s talk a little bit about what I said. First of all, I was a reader of Blogger Unleashed, but not anymore. I made a few friends there, with whom I still keep in touch, and that’s the only thing why I am grateful to BU. The funny thing is that all of the friends that I made there don’t visit BU anymore - a coincidence? I think not. Before I go explaining some of the points I made, maybe you should hear point #13: Signing up for Pepperjam Network under Vic’s link in order to make him some money just to be called a cocksucker for about 100 times in a 4 minute video later on. I guess that was a thank you gesture. Anyway… Having reasonable conversations with Vic on his blog is impossible. If you dare contradict him and make a valid point, he’s gonna delete your comments and “Askimet your ass”, if I may quote the grand master. That says a lot about his character. I am not going to go through the details of my 12 points again. It is a matter of perspective, and of how much you are willing to believe his bullshit. Yes, I was a reader of BU and I must admit you get brainwashed pretty easily over there, but people who really know what they are doing online pretty soon realize the bullshit (like I did). I can tell you now that I know more SEO than Vic ever will, and I worked in important Internet Marketing companies, which made millions. So I know what I am talking about. I am not a scammer and I am not trying to promote anything. I am just making my point and iterating my opinion about someone – as Vic so abundantly does so himself. For BU followers, one thing: when you are able to take down the veil in front of your eyes, you are going to realize that his blog serves only one purpose: to make as many affiliate sales as possible by calling other people in the niche scammers. You will find much better info in other places, like Griz and Court, whose sites are very good indeed. After all, we all know SEO Elite is crap and has a limited capacity. But it has a fat commission. As for BANS, you can get a free Wordpress plugin that will list eBay auctions on your website, while having the versatility of Wordpress at your disposal. Submitting the same article to hundreds of directories? Haha. If you are lucky, you will get 5 links counted because Google will filter out the duplicate pages. Those who actually did it, know what I am talking about. I will not try to argue with people who are Vic fans, because it’s useless. But I personally can smell crap from a mile away. Have a good day.
Here is my reply: I will go with the supposition that your are what is the iq of a monkey and here Blah blah. The style of BU is not for everyone. In your case, it's not anymore. Point 13: Show me a MMO blogger that don't used that method to get passive income. I don't mind using Vic's Pepperjam affiliate code because it did not cost me a cent. But I won't buy something if I can get a better deal somewhere else. I like to save money too. ;) I don't know if Vic use Askimet that much. I too will use Askimet(last resort) when it's spammy or the person is promoting too much a "suspicious tool" for example. My blog is small so I don't have much comments except for the "normal" spam. ;) But, Vic does answer most questions in comments unlike many A-list bloggers. They might have 100s of comments and no comment from the blogger. That does not mean the A-list blogger has 100s of questions to answer. "brainwash": Like I said in the other comments, readers need more than one source of information. It also depends on the online goal of that person: Be read, make money or both. "bullshit","smell crap": But how long were you a reader before stopping reading/watching BU? If you knew more than Vic about Internet Marketing/SEO, why were you reading him in the first place? Is it because he was the "new thing" and you were hoping to learn something new in those fields? It's easy to criticize someone but you must be able to back it up. Why not write a blog to share your knowledge about Internet Marketing/SEO? Anyway, those are valid questions but will you answer them? Yes, I agree that Griz and Court have given good/much information on their blogs. You say that SEO Elite is crap. What do you use? What is the cost and what is the commission on both(cost/commission)? Or is it free? BANS vs free eBay plugin: First, what is that plugin? How easy/versatile is it to use compare to BANS? Vic recommend BANS because it is simpler for most readers. What about the resource that WordPress put on a server vs BANS? Have you done test? Remember that it's 100s of BANs one one server with Vic's method. Vic mentioned(video) recently that articles directories are less "hot". Who knows how Google will count them but "big G" know about them and I'm sure they don't calculate them the same way has someone who used an article on their blog or RSS full feed stealer's. Personally, I don't use article directories at this time. Maybe in my second round of link building but I'm not a good writer. :p I can say that my best BANS only used one Squidoo page. That was my article. ;) Yes, I'm a fan of Vic's method with BANS because it's starting to work for me. "I will not try to argue with people who are Vic fans, because it’s useless. " "Having reasonable conversations with Vic on his blog is impossible. If you dare contradict him and make a valid point..." Does it mean that if someone contradict you, you are going to do the same as Vic apparently "done" to you? Btw, I did not "Askimet" you because I would like you to answer me those valid questions. I will show you that fans can be reasonable. The floor is yours if you want! :D
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Is Vic Franqui From A Scammer? Part 2...


Yes, I do remember that post about those 2 blogs. I was even going to ask Vic about them a few months ago to see if he was working on them.


OK Steve, you seem like a person with whom a person can have a decent conversation. Honestly, I would have expected otherwise, because most people who visit Vic's blog will bash the hell out of you if you even think about contradicting the grand master. They get too much out of his personality I suppose. Anyway, here's my answer to you.

Ok, I will look at it from a "contest participant" point of view. I understand that an explanation could be beneficial for those who signed up.

Hey Steve,

Blah blah: I was writing my long response to "Bloggerunleashed"(not Vic).

I will answer your SEO Elite question with another question. Vic once said that Courtney had told him that he had never used SEO Elite. Yet Courtney is in top 5 for "Internet Marketing". Now, how does that go with the claim that you are dead without SEO Elite?

Hey Steve, please approve my previous comment because I think it got stuck in the moderation queue for having a few links in it. I was trying to get more people to join the conversation. Thanks.

Blah blah: I just saw your comment and allowed the comment. I had my BloggingZoom in moderation too ;) I don't think those bloggers would want to join the conversation. You may want to invite them and they should consider my blog has a neutral ground. But nothing is stopping Vic to join the conversation also.

I am using IBP. It is a little bit steep in price, I know. I use it in correlation with SEO Quake and manual research. You see, SEO Elite will only analyze a maximum of 1000 links. What do you do when a competing website has 20k links? It also has its bugs, which are can't exactly be neglected.

Blah blah: You can't compare both products because it's not in the same price range. Plus with IBP(ibusinesspromoter), you must pay annual fees. So, I find the argument weak on that point. If both would be the same price/free upgrades or IBP a cheaper alternative, I would had agreed with you. As for bugs, tell me a software that don't have them. The word "version" exist for that. ;)


Bloggerunleashed: Yes, I understood your point view but I might not explained my self correctly. I know it 's a pain for him making the second contest that he might missed making the first one. ;) It would had be easier for him to do. You could remained him of it his blog now.

I too have noticed it is possible to have dialogs with Vic in a different venue and not get sworn at all the time. I have therefore suspected that the 'F-ing' and 'B-ing' at BU is largely a quite cynical put-on, simply to gather in those that think it is 'dashing' to use bad language in a public context. I've even noticed a few simple souls adopting some of that technique themselves.

Steve, I just saw your dialogues on BU and I must say it's the same thing that's been going on over and over. Now, my impression is that you are trying to defend him at any cost, that's fine by me. This is exactly the brainwashing effect I was talking about earlier.

Let's make a short exercise of imagination. Vic and Court are best buddies, but let's suppose they weren't. Court likes SEO Quake and doesn't use SEO elite (this one is a fact, at least that's what Vic once said). Court stumbles upon Vic's tutorial on SEO Elite and comments on the post saying: "I use SEO Quake, it's free, and I sincerely recommend it to everyone". What would a very probable reaction from Vic's part be?

[...] not the kind of blogger that will post my results every month. But today, in one comment on my blog, Blah blah wanted Vic to prove his results using BANS with the method he is teaching. [...]

Blah blah: Why are you still reading BU if you claimed not to read him anymore? Just teasing you. ;)

Haha, nice fake pic. I know that pics are easy to fake, that's why I said video. In the case of a video, it is much easier to spot a fake. I definitely can find one or two persons from my instant messenger list that can professionally spot a fake.

I knew you would find it funny. I did not notice the "video" part. :p

Hi DianaN,

Bottom line guys, nobody that's following Vic's teachings is making any kind of real money and people have been following along for months. Sure newbies can learn a thing or two from him but they're never going to make any real money with his methods. I don't really know why I even posted this as it seems pointless with the amount of cheer leading going on but i would be willing to bet if I check back here by contest end there still won't be anybody making any real money with Vic's methods and he will have changed out all the contestant affiliate links to his own. Time will tell.


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