It's Nice Not To Be American

Since I switched to using for my main blog last August, I discovered a nice side effect (more on that later). I had this domain for a long time and only used it for email. It is offering me something that can't be bought: an aged domain. You can buy authority but you can't take a domain and change it's age. It is registered until 2011 and Google like that. What is too bad is that it was created in 1998 but Canadian registrars made a reset of all .ca in 2000. So, it is older than it look. ;) So, what's nice not to be American? Because it is an old Canadian domain, it is often on the first page in for many keywords. If it was a .com , it would have to compete with every sites in the world. I still see .com but far less than using So, American webmasters don't have that advantage like other countries where Google has a local version of it's search engine. On that note, it's redirected) would me a good alternative for Americans if Google would truly use it with .us. Don't get me wrong, a .com is still the best choice but you should also consider using your local top level domain(TLD) for local niches. Yes, it's nice not to be an American... domain. Did you expect some American bashing here? ;)
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Yeah, an aged domain is something that can't be bought... you know... except for the times when you actually BUY ONE from someone. lol.


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