John Chow is Losing $ 2082.49

One of the most popular blogger, John Chow, is losing more and more money because of a strong Canadian dollar versus the US dollar. How I got this number? I used the October official numbers and used to convert it to today's rate. The 1 Canadian dollar is now worth $1.09779USD and so he would lost $2082.49 in November if the numbers are the same. It's not even 9am and it's expected to raised even more today and in the next few weeks. What does it means for you? If you are doing business with Canadian companies or would like to advertise on Canadian blogs or sites, now will be the time to buy for the long run. That is, if they still charge American dollars or did not raise the price yet. For now, I'm "eating" the difference but I might raise my price very soon. But if I would convert the same amount in Canadian currency for the affiliate program, you would also make more. Is the weaker American dollar making you loose money?
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John has actually written about how the currency changes have cost him money. Supposedly he's hold some income in American dollars as a hedge.

Yes, I saw that post a few months ago and the dollar was below at 90-95 cents.

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i live in the US - a weak dollar leads to inflation.

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