John Chow Sucks: A New Holiday Bashing Sport?

Like the last post, I read a fellow Blogging Zoom post but find myself writing a longer comment that I turned into a post. In this case, Justin wrote: Why John Chow Sucks At Blogging. And because I waited a few days to publish this post, I did read another post by Vic: John Chow Unclogged. So, I decided to update it by taking Vic's post into account. But, is John Chow Sucks a new holiday bashing sport? The Points In Justin's post, he made 2 points: 1. John Chow has bad grammar(Justin) 2. John Chow is popular because of he's background(Justin) 3. John Chow "method" (Vic). I used "method" because I did not know what word to use. ;) Let's take those 3 points. 1. Grammar John Chow once wrote(Jan. 4 ,2007) that English is not is first language. John Chow does not write and publish immediately. Often, John Chow will wait a few hours and comeback to revise the text. Nobody is perfect like Justin said about himself. I did a Google Search for: "John Chow" grammar. I found 13800. Later, it will be 13801 :D In my case, French is my first language. Yes, my family name is Irish in origin but I'm from Quebec City, Canada (98% French). I learned a few things in school but most on my own. I do blog in English and also do errors in English and in French. But if the content is good, then you should try to overlook the grammar. Heck! If it bothers you that much, send a quick email(but not a comment) to the none English bloggers. They will learn from his/her mistakes. ;) I did liked the comment by Lizzie:
I think anyone who wasn’t raised in an English speaking home but is blogging primarily in English really should be commended.
Thank you Lizzie for that comment. 2. John Chow's Background Your point about being popular is reasonable because of John Chow's background(TTZ, TMN). I'm sure that it did help him gain more visitors at first. But don't forget that John Chow is making a test case by being a new anonymous blogger using his methods. I'm curious on howhe is doing on that front. Well John Chow, can you give us some numbers without telling the blog name? Yes John Chow, you can make a post about it on your blog. 3. John Chow methods You don't like at all John Chow overall methods because you think he gives the wrong impression about making money online and gives bad habit(like grammar) to new bloggers. Others don't like John Chow and it's okay. I do find some of the reviews informative. I even took a few tips from those reviews to make 1 Cool File better. Do I agree with everything John Chow write? No. Did I got into every affiliates he proposed? No. Do I like when John Chow show us pictures of food? No because I'm more of a poutine guy! John Chow's blog is not only about money but also ramblings(tag line) thus giving him some latitude about the type of content. Even on my blog, I talked about technology. My most popular post is: Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player: A $200 Doorstop?. Yet, it's the second word in my tag line even if I do more post about blogging(third word). Maybe, I should change that? :D Vic, what would you do to get the same or better Ramp for $400? You did not offer any alternative to your readers. I will need that Ramp for 1 Cool File. ;) Also Vic, you bash John Chow for trying to make money from his latest post but then you write Make Money Online Now or Starve. Maybe it's my capitalist side in me, but I don't care that bloggers tries to make money from their blogs anyway they can. But it must about in the blogs overall subject. I don't want to see a paid knitting review in a blog about credit cards. Yes, it's funny that John Chow use Adwords to promote his blog and yet does not have Adsense on it. Then again, he make more money with the banners in the post than Adsense clicks. Conclusion Justin, to write that someone sucks at blogging because of the bad grammar is not a very strong argument in particular with more and more non-English bloggers like me. I, for one, believed that content is more important but I do try to correct myself. So Justin, because of your other point, your title should had been: Why John Chow Sucks For Blogging! or Why John Chow Sucks For the blogesphere! Vic, you raised a lot of points with John Chow's last few post with your own style of writing. Just hope that Justin don't read it. ;) Seriously in the end, it's the blogger's responsibility to find different point of view and then try to make the best decision. In my life, that's what I did, I do now and will always do. One last thing: I read all 3 blogs and I won't mind Zooming or StumbleUpon(new SU) what I like. Of course, I can't Zoom John Chow because he does not have the plugin and I won't write the description for him. Vic, would you let John Chow add his blog to Blogging Zoom if he did?  ;) Note: The best poutine in Quebec City is the Poutine Piquante(Fresh fries, cheese curds with a spicy gravy) at Ashton's(fast food chain). It's not good for the health but it's very good to the taste. :D So, if you come to celebrate the 400 years of Quebec City in 2008, then you should try a poutine. But like all warnings in many TV commercials: Please consult your doctor before eating a poutine. Now, should I buy stocks in Ashton(possible?) or potato farm?
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I guess you really missed the whole reason of the post. But I guess I will need to explain it to you better. I will never offer false dreams and false information. I will never lie. I will never pitch something to make money knowing my reader will not make a cent. I am neither a hypocrite or a scammer. But if that is what you like and support oh well. You are your own man.

I'm glad that you will not do censorship because of personal feelings.

Steve I was actually talking to Court a few days ago about me hurting the credibility of the site with the fact that most of the time I do not even proof read what I write, I swear I just do not have time for anything and since Court already knows me and my thinking he just sadi hey Vic people will be so blown away by what you have to say that most will not mind. For Blogging Zoom from your mouth to the lords ear. Would be nice to make some cash. But for right now it seems to be an open checkbook for me and Court LMAO.

Court is right: content is more important than proof reading for your blog. If people can't get passed that, then it is their lost. In your case, the site in PG because of the language but eventually, you will work on it if you ever get time. Just don't stretch to thin.

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