John Chow/UberAffiliate April Fouls Warning

This will be a short post. John Chow and UberAffiliate (both nofollow) made the stupidest April Fouls so far. You will be invited to click on a fake site about secrets ppc and affiliate tactics. So far, it's okay. But when you do click on the link, your browser is taken over by a popup. The warning is that you get into a long list of popup thus not able to click your other tabs in your browser. If you are entering data you may think you have to close it a la "control alt delete" thinking it's a loop thus loosing that data. One popup would had been okay. The comments are very negative at the time I'm writing this post. Stay clear of it
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John Chow/UberAffiliate April Fouls Warning | McGrath Dot Ca...

John Chow has gone to far - unsubscibed

It is just stupid to take control of someone's browser and some victim's computer crashed and lost all their unsaved documents. I unsubscribed too.

I did not unsubscribed but yes, it was stupid.


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