Last day for the $ 500 contest and other news

Contest Yes, it's the last day to win the $500 contest. I "sold" 2 Blog Buffet(same family) since yesterday which means that if they don't win the $500, they may still will be fully reimburse(Blog Buffet only) or upgraded to Blog Buffer(1 entry so far). Why? Because they have bought a package, they will be eligible for the 15 second prizes. Unless I have a flood of entries, and sell many packages today, their odds are very very good. ;) Other news My own computer decided to give me memory/booting troubles. It always reboot after a few minutes and that's if I can login because it reboots sometimes before that. So for now, I only have 512MB out of my 2Gig. I did test all memory modules yesterday with MemTes86 v3.2 which gave errors on 2 of them but hang on the others. Maybe it's a too old version. Anyway, I will need to test further. I was able to get in Safe mode(last night) so far without a single reboot during the night. This means that some files must be broken after all those unwanted reboots. I will scan for virus/spyware but I mostly think it's a broken driver issue. The fun will be to find which one. Before the Safe mode, I was still able to backup my files(email, bookmarks, source code, contest entries...). I added this last line as reminder for you to backup your files today. You never know when the gremlins will strike. ;) My first mission is to be fully back online so that I can check all contest entries and add them. The contest will still end today but I will do the draw when it's possible in a few days. But I hope it's tomorrow. It's really a bad timing and wish it would had happen only after the draw. Anyway, someone will be happy and richer this week. :D Good Luck to all and thank you for your patience and entries!
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I'm getting anxious, after my last win I feel lucky ;) I've been checking back here all day.....

Just a quick update:

good idea. I find that there is a bit of a delay with the RSS readers.

I, too. see the delay with RSS feed.


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