Make Money Online In Canada In A Recession, USA too!

When you listen/read/watch the news, you would think that the whole world is in a recession.  Luckily, you can make money in Canada in a recession even if you live outside of Canada . You see, according to the latest International Monetary Fund(IMF) update, Canada will have a growth of 0.3% in 2009. It's not much but Canada is not in a recession yet.

I'm sure other countries are in the same situation thus you could target them too. For example, you could use the phpBay WP plugins(paid version) to offer products to visitors related to your post. That's if the visitor's country is available in the drop down option of phpBay.

Know your traffic

Since my domain is a .ca, does like me more and I wrote about this before. In my case, the bulk of my traffic do come from the USA and that's the main reason the plugin country option was left to the default(USA). But, you could make a post about a specific item from your country thus bypass the default country.

Examples with USA(default) and Canada using iPod:

[ phpbay]iPod, 6[ /phpbay]

[phpbay]iPod, 6[/phpbay]


[ phpbay]iPod, 6, ,"","","","","","","","","","",2,""[ /phpbay]

[phpbay]iPod, 6, ,"","","","","","","","","","",2,""[/phpbay]

Make money in the USA

Even if the USA is in recession, you can still make money from that market.

A few months ago, most of my auction sites were deindexed by Great Google slapped like many webmasters I know.  Part of it was my fault but I won't go into that here.  What is done, is done and I can't control what Google do.

However, the money did not dropped to $0 from those sites.  Since then, I get about 35% the money I was earning before the Great Google slapped. I did not do nothing new to those sites or added backlinks.

You see, the traffic is coming from other search engines.

They are 3 lessons in here:

  • Most of what I earned still come from the USA. They want cheaper price.

  • If someone tell you that you don't need Google, they are full of crap. I want the 65% back.

  • Set and forget sites are nice to earn residual income even deindex from Google

Btw, in the first 10 days of November, I already earned the 35%. It could stop now or they could continue to earn me for the rest of the month.

Looking forward

I was very busy with AuctionSiteWriter and updating See Free Movies Legally to v.3.0 thus did not take the proper time to work on old and new auction sites.

I'm releasing a minor version(1.3) of AuctionSiteWriter in the coming week or two. It's SEO and phpBay plugin releated related. After that, I planned to support phpBay API 3.0 make sites Google friendly.

Once it's done, I expect 2009 to be a great year for me with my auction sites and my other projects like AuctionSiteWriter.
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It's possible if someone take the time to do the research. Then again, they need to find the right information.


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