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When I launched MyStarterBlog in February, I converted a static WordPress blog to MSB. That blog had 200+ posts thus perfect to make an importing WP test. That site was not updated since mid March of 2008.

Unlike a conventional site, this one is mostly consisting of pictures so the content is not very search engine friendly for long tail keywords. I keep that site because it's a door to a niche that most IM might stay away.  If you have read my blog before, I wrote about that niche and blog once about it.

Some stats

Because that blog mostly relied on very cheap CPM ads for revenu, the loading speed is very important.  The more pages that are viewed, the better the visitor will stay or click on an ad.

The results are preliminary but I noticed that I had an increase in revenue of 66% versus February. Of course, the site was converted to MSB on February 21. I also changed host and February is shorter by a few a days.  Even if I take that into account, I can say that my revenu did overall increased.

To be fair, I checked my history and March is my biggest earning month so far. It beat the December record by 12% and January by 14%. Those were the 2 previous months with the highest earning. Also, a lot of people have Holiday vacation thus had more time to surf.

The page viewed for March was 3.34 pages/visit versus 2.50 pages in December.

The month of April/May will give me more data but I do expect to earn a little more from that site. I did not add links to that site for a very long time either.


Any additional increase in revenue is a  good thing in this economy even if it's small.

The upside of using MyStarterBlog now is that I don't have to deal with upgrading Wordpress anymore. ;)

So, if you have a simple static WP blog, why not convert it to MyStarterBlog?
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Fair enough mate, and the price is simply tiny. well done. I'm purchasing it right now to give it a go.

Thanks Gabriel for your order


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