Murder Stats For Quebec City(2003-2008), Moving To Quebec City and Internet Marketing

Here is something that I found interesting: Murder stats for Quebec City(2003-2008). I saw that report on the local TVA television. I must mentioned that 2008 had it's first murder a few months into 2008. I think the reporter mentioned May or June.

Murder Stats For Quebec City(2003-2008)

  • 2008 7

  • 2007 0

  • 2006 7

  • 2005 5

  • 2004 6

  • 2003 3

The population of Quebec City is around 500K and the population around Quebec City is about 200K. Compared to other big cities, it's a small city.

Comparison to US cities

Since I don't know if he added the regional population, I will show both numbers:

  • 500K = 1.4 murder per 100K

  • 700K = 1 murder per 100K

I was curious so I found FBI stats (2005) and compared it to same sized cities. I never imagined that was that bad. However, the rate was steady from 2001-2005 but still...

  • 500K = 15.2 murder per 100K

  • 700K = 14.8 murder per 100K

I did not find a similar table for Canada but found the national average is 2.15 per 100K.   That was from 1961 to 2007. However, the last few years are near the 1.7-1.9 range.

The recession and crimes

Some thing that I noticed from the US and Canadian stats was the murder rate climbed in the last 90s recession.

For Canada, it was 2.5 to 2.75.

For US, it was 22-24.

With the current recession looking to be much harder, it's not a good sign for anyone.

In New-York, again on television news, they saw a big increase in bank robberies in the last few months. People are desperate.

Should you be moving to Quebec City?

Sometimes, people are so tired of where they are living that they are really considering moving because of the crimes. And with the current recession, crimes will go up. Of course, the lack of jobs will force many to move too.

I won't put an immigration hat here ;)  but here some general facts. Some are national but others are local.

1. Speaking French is a must but the population of Quebec City is 33% bilingual.

2. The unemployment rate is near 4% here.  It's better than the Canadian and the provincial rate. How long, that's another story.

3. If you move from the US and are a Republican, you won't like our "socialist" health care system.  It's far from being a perfect system. At least, you won't lose your house because of medical bills. And no, it's not because you will be dead. ;)

4. We have a theater that show English version of most big movies but not always.

5. We have a democratic separatist movement so it's part of the political scene.

6. The Canadian banking system is the strongest in the world.

7. The economy is diverse: provincial workers, video games studios/IT, touristic, cultural, research...and some manufacturing.

Those were not in any particular order. The language/political aspect of Quebec City will put off many and I understand that. I just wanted to present Quebec City to you.  Depending on your work skills, moving could be an option.

2 real stories

A good online friend just moved to the nearby region of Detroit. He is an Internet marketer so the job was not the issue but the crime rate was where he lived. Plus, he could buy a house for little in that region. He mentioned that he did not like profiting from others misery but he must put his family security needs first. Of course, I would had preferred that he moved to Quebec City. :D

Another US friend I know mentioned that where he worked, they layoff 175 IT workers out of 185.  He was lucky to be in the 10 remaining workers. Since he also do some Internet marketing on the side, he would had at least that if he had been in the layoff too. In his case, those jobs moves to another country(outsourcing).


The crime rate or job lost/security could be reasons for you to move. But in the 2 above stories above, a single thing is similar: Internet marketing. For one, it's a full time job and for the other, it's a part time job.

Most people sadly don't have a fall back plan or job flexibility. You might even like to stay where you are living thus moving is not an something you want to do. Internet marketing is an option if the worst came to be and for you to start earning extra money on the side.

In See Free Movies Legally, you will learn the basics of internet marketing but you must act now instead of later. (shameless plug)


I only wrote the bare bone idea(murder part) of this post some time ago but events of the last month led me to change it more than I intended.
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Hi Steve, I'm hearing different answers on this, so I'd like to get your take being as you live in Canada. In Canada's medical system, is there a cut-off age or priority-type system for people getting life-saving surgeries? For example, my grandfather is in his 90's and had an open-heart surgery. Would he have been covered for the surgery in Canada?

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply Steve. That paints a less dire picture than I'd been hearing. I'm wondering about other aspects too, but I'll spare you, and fire up the big G (google).

Like many say: Google is your friend.....I will add but not always to Internet marketers. ;)

Walking the political tightrope between safety and freedom is tough. I'm not up to the task yet, so I'm glad I'm getting other opinions on this.

lol on the IM link with schools.

Oops, thanks for subscribing even if I'm posting less.

Steve Sez..

I hope you get stuff out of your chest with your short rant. lol

Yea, sorry about the rant there Steve. When I posted it, I saw how long it was. I was a little embarrassed. I sounded like an old curmudgeon!

No problem since I don't mind long comments. The more info, the better.

Very wonderful information. I think im gonna stick around and read about 2 more of your posts. Best Wishes


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