My BANS Secret Software: AuctionSiteWriter Pre-Launch

I was very busy in the last month finalizing my BANS secret project: AuctionSiteWriter. Funny, I had wrote most of this post on May 21 but had to update it now. AuctionSiteWriter will save you more time when making your BANS. I stop adding stuff because I would never finish it. ;) Besides, all future upgrades will be free. I was looking on how I will make money from it because my time is not free. So, I kept it simple and I won't do any affiliate deal. I prefer to keep the cost down like Frank did with Link Luv Post Builder. I had 2 possibilities once it was finished:
  1. Find a few testers(around 5) that will get the software for free
  2. Start with a lower price for 1-2 weeks to give more people a chance to buy the software thus having more feedback this way. But after that period, it will be at the full price.
I preferred the number 2 because of the possibilities of more feedback for future upgrades. During the pre-launch, the price will be $17 instead of $27(one time fee). When creating BANS with AuctionSiteWriter, I also use those third party tools: Bookmarking Demon Keyword Elite SEO Elite Niche Store Writer That's because they are all related to each other. Plus, I owned all of them and know that they are worth it. AuctionSiteWriter also got some free basic features for Bookmarking Demon users. So, go download it and make money with your BANS sooner ;)
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