My BANS/phpBay Sites Are Still Making Money

In August 2008, Google deindexed most of my BANS/phpBay sites. Like I mentioned before, it was my own fault and take full responsability. Since then, I added only 7 sites to my very small network of 29 sites(36 total). I also added it on 3 of my WordPress blogs using phpPay Pro WP plugin(worth it).

I did not do more link building using BMD or FBF for some time on most of my sites. The last point is very important here because the traffic is still coming from other search engines like Yahoo/MSN.  Imagine when I will make new BANS/phpBay sites with more content on it to make Google happy. :D

Show me the numbers

I will not used real numbers but I'm going to go with my biggest earning month as the baseline.

May: 61.22%
June: 100% I earned the most that month
July: 85.48%
August: 40.2%
September: 25.78%
October: 31.95%
November: 69.6%
December: 107.1% (up to Dec. 31)

Are BANS/phpBay dead?

Some will say that those kind of sites are dead now.  Those that tell you that are complete morons or they just want to keep the competition away. ;) If you look at only Google traffic, it's partly true but Google does like WP blogs and the phpBay WP plugin can be added to your blog.

In fact, I do have BANS/phpBay sites(not blogs) still indexed. Most were created after the Google deindex using the phpBay API (v2.5).

I only use phpBay API and the WP plugin now. I don't use BANS because I prefer the phpBay API.

I can build Canadian specific post because I also make money from Canadian visitors too. Plus, phpBay WP has 14 parameters you can control/override. That's one reason I added Plugin Code Builder to AuctionSiteWriter to make that step easier.


You could also use other alternative(free/paid) on your blog but look at the features first. For example, phpBay has a free version. It was too simplistic that I upgraded to the Pro(Bundle). Because I wanted to give a better experience to potential buyers, I needed to filter out some keywords.


Some will point to me that the increase is because many are shopping for the holidays online. This is a fact and I won't argue that point.

But conside this:  Because of the recession, most people will try to find a better deal on new or a used product. Thus, creating a targeted BANS/phpBay sites will be one more way for you to make money.
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Elliott, If your picked high price items, that would not help you in this bad economy.

Hi Steve,

lol on the 9 visitors

I’m totally in sync with what you’re saying here. ;)

thanks for post ;)

Great posting ;) Thanks..


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