My Next Even Bigger Promotion?

I know, the current contest is not over yet but I got another promotion in mind. But this time, it won't be free because I will be using the Platinum Membership fee from 1 Cool File. Because I have the Million Euro Wiki Business Cards page, I have 1 chance in 25 of winning a 16 GB Apple iPod Touch and this gave me the ideal for doing something similar for a promotion. Of course, my price of a Platinum Membership is lower. At the moment, I have a special for the first 150 Platinum Membership. It's only $30 and no need to buy a Blog Buffet thus a total saving of $41.50. The rule would be simpler: you buy a Platinum Membership and you get 1 chance. What would you like better between more winners or bigger prizes?
  1. 1 in 10 with 15 winners of $100
  2. 1 in 15 with 10 winners of $150
  3. 1 in 25 with 6 winners of $250
  4. 1 in 50 with 3 winners of $500
  5. 1 in 75 with 2 winners of $750
  6. 1 in 150 with 1 winner of $1500
I used "promotion" because people must buy a membership. I might continue the promotion after the first 150. Also, check the benefices for you to have a Platinum Membership (e.g. 35/15% commission from the affiliate program). Those who buy early will be eligible for the current contest(Blog Buffet level). Just leave a comment or email me with the number(1-6) you would prefer.
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I think #1 would create the most buzz.

It's less money but with better odds. Personally, I like more prizes because more people are happy :D

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