My strategy with BANS And HostGator Reseller account

I recently started using BANS on a HostGator reseller package. I must admit that my other host(shared) was much easier to use but did not offer a reseller options and I was limited to 25 MySQL /package and 100MB per databases. HostGator is unlimited on both counts but cost a little more for the non reseller account versus the my other host. The reseller package also offer much less monthly bandwidth than a shared hosting package. Of course, I was not using all of it anyway. For me, the reseller side is new and I wanted to share my strategy with you. First, I needed to pick a new domain name($15/year) for the "hosting" company. I did not want to use any of my other domains for that. Second, I used the default Reseller package for the hosting company with a blank page for now.(10MB space, 1MB/month) Third, I created( use Add packages in WHM) a simple hosting package(20MB space, 1GB/month) for my first BANS. I can modify it to feet my need later on. Edit: It's now 20MB of space to leave room for stats. Fourth, I used the same above package for my second BANS. Fifth, this is when I saw that eventually, upgrading BANS could take longer to do and be a pain. For each BANS, I would have to FTP to each domains and upload the upgrades. Edit: I will go with one package per bans. So, if I get disable because it had reach the monthly quota, only one domain will be affected and not the whole package. Plus, using Justin's method, I will save a lot of time when creating a BANS site. I just hope the software don't get updated to often. ;) That's in the WHM panel: HostGator - Add Package (WHM) After that, I will Create a New Account with that package for myself. In my case, it was by using my second BANS site. HostGator - Create Account (WHM) The rest is done using the cpanel of ban_0 So, I get this(FTP): .cpanel .trash .access-logs etc mail public_ftp public_html (ban_0 my initial BANS in the package is here) tmp www That's my strategy working with HostGator and BANS. What is yours? Got any tips to help others? Edit 1: I changed it with 1Account to hold 1 bans site.
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Hate to say this, I have an unlimited account with dreamhost, have been adding domains and setting up hosting with those domains, but what you wrote was just gibberish to me. I'm not very tech savy, I just know how to do what I"m doing now. I'm pretty sure I'm not using a reseller account, but who knows.

Shawn, I had unlimited domains too on my other package. I was limited in other area like MySql.

I'm making ebay affiliate sites using wordpress instead of BANS. The problem I'm having with my hosting is that I'm making hundreds to tens of thousands of posts (1 per item) so when I try to make a sitemap it's taking like a minute to make the sitemap; I'm limited to 30 seconds of server time per request.

Hey Steve,

Hi Chris and welcome,

Chris: I added a few screenshots in the post.


Steve I think I'm on to something here. Do you just keep on creating new accounts? I didn't use the add on domain thing yet. I just kept creating new accounts adding my domain names one by one. Damn! I am so techically challenged.

That method is also okay and check

Steve, I finally got the hang of it. Justins tips about using the skel file makes it super fast. I installed bans 45 times in about 2 hours. Piece of cake once you get in the groove of it and you have the system down.

I only found out about the fact that we should have bans on seperate accounts yesterday when vic talked about. Now I'm trying to figure out how to transfer from an add-on domain to a separate account. So far the only way I've figured it out is to delete the add-on domain and then start from scratch.

Chris: You know that if someone find one of those 45 domains, they can use it until you realize it? Just to make sure that you are aware of that. If it happens, you are not lucky ;)

Hey Steve, I'm building them at my own pace and the SKEL folder comes very handy in the reseller account. ;) I have other sites to take care like 1 Cool File and update.

Sounds like our plans are very similar. I worked pretty hard to get them all setup with three keywords, some basic text and minimal changes. Only a couple got custom banners and the rest are going to sit there and age for a while. I think I'm over the $10 point so far...not earth shattering but it is $10 I didn't have last month!

I was able to purchase BANS this last weekend along with a reseller account. I'm in the middle of switching my wordpress sites to BANS. Between CJ and EPN, since I started these sites March 30, with a total of 12 sites I've made $114. Some sites still aren't indexed though :( lol (I whish that too ;) )

Shawn: I was not lol at you. I was replying to jtrigsby :D

[...] first, you need hosting for the BANS site. I’m using a reseller account using my Host Gator strategy. It’s not cheap at $25/month but it save me time. You can also use a cheaper shared host [...]

[...] first, you need hosting for the BANS site. I'm using a reseller account using my Host Gator strategy. It's not cheap at $25/month but it save me time. You can also use a cheaper shared host account [...]


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