News: Moved To HostGator And New Blog Theme

Since the weekend is slower, I decided to move the blog to my HostGator reseller account(DNS is now done at my end). I also took this opportunity to change my theme.

Now, the theme I'm testing is free but I will still need to tweak many things on it. I'm not good at this so don't be afraid if you see weird things going on. I still have many plugins to install and configured.

One of the first thing I did on the new theme was to add my logo. I did not have any choice to make it smaller. Using a bigger version, it caused it to mess the header of the blog.

I only exported the post, comments... thus lost a few things along the way but mostly plugin parameters. I could had just copied the whole database(MySQL) but decided to start with a cleaner setup. I had troubles with some plugins but I don't thing it was 1and1 that was the cause.

I also used Fantastico from the HostGator cpanel to installed Wordpress thus did not need to upload it. Yesterday, it was version 2.6 of WP that was availiable. This morning, I received an email telling me that version 2.6.1 was now available. So, I simply upgraded again from the cpanel. I hope it will be the same the next time since I have imported my posts.

Tip: Copy the parameters of your plugins first and your ping list. I still have access to the MySQL database of the blog but some parameters are tougher to find in the tables. For example,  I had Adsense Deluxe but the information is saved in a way that you can't import easily. I also had the Live plugin and had to import(MySQL) the whole table since the plugin did not create the table. I got an error.

So, be prepared before and expect some things to go not as expected. ;)
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Congrats on the new blog. Looking good.


I am going to be reading a lot on your site. Already you have given me some much needed information about blogging.


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