Offline Promotions With 250 Free Business Cards

One of the offer I can give you is the 250 Free Business Cards. I was too busy, and still am, but today I decided to try out the offer for myself. But instead of an address, I wrote my many blogs and sites URLs on the card. The Free Cards but where? Before doing the offline promotions, you need to create the cards first. I have an offer for US, UK and AU. Take the closest link to you to save on shipping. 250 Free Business Cards CA 250 Free Business Cards US 250 Free Business Cards UK 250 Free Business Cards AU My notes Those are notes about the whole process. In my case, I used the US offer because I'm from Canada. Once I selected the card template out of 42(300 in Premium), I started to enter my information(mostly URLs). I saw that I could configure things more when I was using the Advanced Editing.

My eyes mostly focus on the Add more text, change fonts... It was my fault. While I was in the Advanced Editing mode, the web based was easy to use for adding an image. Somehow later, I was using Premium cards thus not free. Anyway, seeing that, I restarted the process while being more careful this time to be all free. I did not have to reenter the information. A part from the above, it's easy if you read before you click things. :p Checkout time It will use your business address to build other non free offers at checkout like paper with letterhead . It could be good for those using the offer for business but not in my case because of the type of information(URLs) I wanted on it. Also, I was offered other non business related option(i.e. glossy) but I did not take them. They could add a few bucks to the final order. After the order, I could double to 500 cards for $7.99 but with free shipping but I had 10 minutes to decide. Again, I did not take it. I selected the slowest shipping type for $6.56 to Canada and I should get my order within 21 days. They also charge me the GST($0.39). It's the federal Canadian sales tax on goods and services. The final product will be matte and the backside of card will have the VistaPrint logo. Offline promotions Once you have your cards, you could start to leave them on bulletin board at the super market, on a bench at the store, on a table...but don't litter or place them where the wind could send them on the ground. Just make them easy for people to take. In my case, I'm in a mostly French city(Quebec City) and my sites are in English. So, it's not best solution for the type of promotion above. I will still be able to give a card when someone ask for one of my sites or blogs URL. If you are cruising in bars, you could give a card with only your gmail/yahoo/hotmail account on it. You will still be able to keep some security/privacy until you can trust the other person or use it to write a name and phone number instead of using your hand or napkin. If you are a player, you should take the 500 cards offer ;) Conclusion Is it 100% free? No and nobody will offer that. I only paid $6.95 in all and that was for shipping. I'm not a player and I saved $1.04 :D But you can still use the offer to do some offline promotions for your site, business or even for you. Now, I have to wait to get those cards in my hands. Once I receive them, I will make another post. But it should not stopped you from using that offer. Will you take it? Take the closest to you: 250 Free Business Cards CA 250 Free Business Cards US 250 Free Business Cards UK 250 Free Business Cards AU Edit 1: If you are in the US, the shipping is lower than me. It will be true for the other  countries(UK, AU). Edit 2: Read Part 2 with scans(front/back) of the card I created. Edit 3:  I added Canada
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Thats a smart way to get known in your neighborhood. Convenient too.

Yes it is. :D

[...] ''; In part 1, I created my 250 free business cards on VistaPrint and I had to wait to see the [...]

Good tips, thanks!


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