Sold For 10K: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I saw one of Vic's post(Warning: Will contain language not suitable for children) about the sale of It was sold for 10K and it's a MMO(Make Money Online) blog. The Good The young man(24 years), Marc Galeazzi, seemed to want to make something with the blog and we see his excitement in his video. For branding, I can see that the name is open to other possibilities other than money. So, if it does not work well for him, he can recycle the blog for something else. A goal is not always about making money but it does help for that goal. ;) The Bad It is his money but he paid more than I would had. You can't just say you will make X amount per month. Most domains in the Make Money Online blog market lose a lot of their readership after they are sold. We got too many examples of that. Note: The so popular rule of 10x times the monthly revenue should be reconsidered, at least in the Make Money Online field. How was the revenue made? Does it need a lot of work that the new owner might not have? How much is passive revenue? But if he can still make $1000/month, he will be fine or if not, it may take him longer to make his money back. He also admitted that he don't know about Wordpress. At least, he start with an already build blog with content and a readership base. Now, will his new readers follow him in his learning goal? And the Ugly Reading the comments, many called Marc Galeazzi all sorts of name and Bryan(seller) even worst. I also read comments by OMG readers calling Vic's names too. I won't make any judgment for now because time will tell if those comments/revenues were right or not in this case. This should be his first case study. Tip for Marc Galeazzi I don't have much RSS readers but I thank them for reading me. ;) One thing I can say his that Alexa will not deliver the whole truth about traffic. My organic traffic increased in the last 3 months because of my Removing Virus Heat post but my Alexa decreased. So, Marc, learn about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and how to bring traffic from Google/MSN/Yahoo. Those visitors will click your ads. ;) Conclusion Yes, Marc Galeazzi could make money online with other methods like Vic showed many with BANS and pre-owned domains or even by using the method in my free ebook. It would not had cost him 10K to learn but he would had need to be more patient. One thing I can say is that Marc Galeazzi took the first steps(right or wrong) that many are afraid to do. Good luck on your goal man and think BANS too!
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On the Alexa thing, I have a niche site that gets between 500-1000 unique hits a day that's about 97% Google search traffic. Its Alexa is 1.2 Million. OpTempo gets about 100-200 a day, mostly referral traffic, and has an Alexa of 162K or so. All Alexa measures is traffic from other webmasters/bloggers.

Yes, I know that.

Well, I think the seller made a pretty fine profit, though, I don't think it was worth $10K. Honestly, if he could sell his blog for that much, my blog should sell for more...

do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

Hi there,

Still, as mentioned in the original post, he did something that many are afraid to do... he did something. Guaranteed he will learn from this and carry on. All is not lost, he has a good platform to start on and I have a feeling that the controversy surrounding this sale is getting him some publicity.

It seems to be trendy to buy blogs these days,what with bankoholic and now oneman'sgoal

Yes, it's a lot of money.


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