Opinion: ListQUIK

I received an invitation to participate in a new list building site(ListQuick) by Carlos who had read my review on Majon. At first, I though the idea was cool since I wanted to offer See Free Movies Legally(and make money too) on such a list.

I must state that it's not a review but my opinion of ListQuick(beta). I was not able to register at this time(today).

I will examine the 3 selling points:

The List

You can register and be a Free or a Pro Member. But in a list, you mostly want proven buyers and not "freeloaders". Not that I'm against free but if most members won't be buying what you sell, what's the point?

Free members can email 100 random members every 5 days. It's 1000 for Pro members.

You could always see this has an opportunity to promote your best blog of the week. ;)

Can you select the type of emails you can receive? You don't want a garden related email. It would waist your time and an email by the sender.

Let's say that 100 members subscribe on the same day. 5 days later they sent 1 email each so in theory, you should get 100 emails from some of them and older members. Can you limit it? Of course, a minimum of emails per day should be set to keep the integrity of the system.

Since you asked to be in the list, it's not spam. But what will happen when members start to get too much emails, will they stop reading or filter them?

The Forced Matrix

They are doing 2x20 forced matrix thus create a list of 2,097,150. I saw list bigger than that for just one subjects. Personally, I'm not a fan of big matrix like this since it look like a pyramid scheme. At least, they have free members in it to counter that and you should be able to reach a lot of people... eventually.

Do they offer a way to email everyone in the list for a fee? Is it just a Pro members feature?

The income

You can get a commission for everyone in your downline  that upgrade to Pro members. Here is the kicker: the new member must pay a lifetime membership for just .... $99. Sorry, but it's risky to pay that amount to an unproven concept like this. You are taking the chance that it does not work.

It has nothing with the honesty of the owners. Sometimes, it just look good on paper.  ;)

How I would had done it

Here, I would make it different and will suppose that the features are worth it.

I would had charge $5/month(Pro) in a 2x3 matrix for a total of 14 members.

Level 1 would had paid you $1.00/month for each Pro member (2)
Level 2 would had paid you $0.75/month for each Pro member (4)
Level 3 would had paid you $0.50/month for each Pro member (8)

If all members are Pro, it's $9 per month. The owners are giving $2.25/month in commissions. Remove the Level 3, and the membership is paying for itself.

If you are a free member, you may or may not have access to a matrix but paid a one time commission of $0.50.

Unassigned Pro members could be bought to build your matrix.

There are many ways to play with it like a 5x8 matrix. But the matrix should not be the selling point but the features for members. It's one way to make additional passive income to pay for the membership while expecting the real money in the list.


With too many unknown related to the numbers of email I could get per day, I will have to pass on this one.

Just to make sure: It's an opinion and not a review since I did not register.

If you are using it, you might want to leave your experience(good or bad) with ListQUIK.  Don't use any referral link in your comment because I will delete your comment.

Edit: I decided to join and try it since it's free.

Edit 2: If you decide to pay for things, you will need a free AlertPay Premium account. If you don't know them, it's like PayPal with less fees. I reviewed and using them.
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You can join now Steve (and everyone else).

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