PPV For Pennies Is Perfect Now But SEO Is ...

free traffic on the long run.

In the last year, I stopped blogging and doing Internet Marketing(IM),  both a little, because I had other personal matters to tend too.

In the last few months, I started doing IM again a lot more to increase my network of money sites. Like before, I bought products claiming to be the next "silver bullet" ... but asked for refund soon after. Hey! a guy can dream right?

But one of those products(in March) claimed to bring secret targeted traffic on demand. I was intrigue, bought it  and started using it for a test drive.  Here is the catch:  it's very cheap Pay-Per-View(PPV) traffic based on keywords. I can hear you saying: I don't want to pay for traffic. Fine, it's your choice and I was like you before. But it's really cheap starting at 1.5 cents per clicks. It's not a typo and really $0.015!

Okay, you might pay more if you have more competitions for your keyword but it's way cheaper than Adwords. Heck, test it first on it before using Adwords. You might save a bundle. ;)

The CB test

Now, let's get back to my test. I started sending them directly to a few Clickbank products page I was promoting for the test. I had chosen different types of products(mainstream) but mainly those with a keywords list to start me for my test.

At that cheap price, I figured that if I spent $5 on a campaign and if I can get 1 sale of  a $25 products, I would make a killing right? Not bad if you ask me. A campaign takes 24 hours before being approved. Those are human checked thus the delay. It took longer when that product did launch because of the new clients.

Now, it does bring cheap traffic for pennies($0.015) vs Adwords but did it convert like those Clickbank products were saying?

That's were I was disappointed by those CB products . I sent between 100 to 300+ visitors at a cost of $1.50 to $6+ per campaign and got zero sales on all of them. What a bummer! Maybe I picked loser CB products but I will not give up.

Never gave up!

Since most of my sites are based on eBay Partnet Network(EPN) affiliate program, I decided to send that target traffic to those sites. Will I be more successful?

Last October, EPN changed the rules that we had no more commissions based on the fees but getting paid on the quality of the clicks. So, if a visitor click on a product and buy it, then it's better for us and the clicks are worth more.

My sites are very products targeted  sites thus I don't have a huge amount of traffic to start off but they do click and convert well when I do get a visitor oops buyers.  No, I won't tell you my niches. :p  Some lost a lot because of that  and I was one of the few that gain in that new way of being paid by EPN.

Note: Btw, I did lost 25-30% of my traffic/revenues from April numbers to my sites since Google made the algorithm changed last May thus I lost money because of that. But don't cry,  just adapt! eBay and Google think of themselves and their bottom line first and so should you.

Since I was getting around  $0.20-0.25 per click on EPN, why not pay $0.015 per visitor with a chance of getting at least 1 click from that visitor? How did I do?

Overall, I'm getting very cheap and very targeted traffic to my sites and thus more clicks... in theory. Now, to be honest, I can say for sure if that visitor did click or not but it seemed that way to me since my clicks/winning bids  increased in April from March. Why?  Sometimes, I don't get any clicks and it was the only visitor to that sites. Sometimes, it's the only visitor but he/she clicked on a few items thus more added clicks than the $0.015 I invested. Of course, when I do get search engine traffic , it's impossible to know who clicked or not but I did get more clicks and winning bids since before the Google Change.

Sometimes, I only pay $0.13-20/day for the few sites I send traffic. I know, it's not a lot of visitors BUT they are very targeted keywords with not many searches a month to begin with.  I do make more because of the added clicks/winning bids they bring.  In time, I will add this type of traffic to all my old and of course, new sites I will be building.

I took one of my site that convert well with visitors and this additional traffic compensated a little for the lost of Google traffic I got in May.

Thinking outside the box

If your site was making you money for the selected keyword but the site was deindex(like some preowned .com I have), why not start sending this type of cheap targeted traffic? That's what I'm doing.

You wrote a great  blog post(not IM related) with an offer or just want traffic and get new readers, buy cheap traffic for that group of readers.

You want to sell your blog in a few weeks? Send a wave of traffic by biding on general keywords with the hope they like your content and gain more readers by then and for the  future buyer of your blog. No, I did not test that but it's easy to get less targeted traffic thus more visitors.


By using that cheap targeted traffic on very targeted sites, your chance are better that they buy now. Why do I say now?  Because until your start to rank in the search engines, why not send cheap targeted traffic until your links are counted? Plus, you might know faster if you did picked the right keyword. ;)

Yes, it IS well worth the investment for once!

Btw, that is why I waited to write my real review of RMT(aff.) because I wanted to test the basic system in the first place in different ways and see what happen.

P.S. I did buy the Advanced Videos but did not really watch them at this time since I wanted to test the basic system on a new batch of sites I was build back then. I guest I might do better when I do take time to watch those advanced tricks and thus better convert with CB products.  ;)

P.S. 2 You will first need to deposit an initial $200 in your account before using their cheap traffic system. I did not know that thus I took the chance and glad I did like you can read above. Remember, it's a business for most of us. I did not have any problems with them so far on that end. After, you can deposit $20(manually or automatically with a 2% discount).
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So is the RMT the source of the traffic? Or the $200 you speak of... Who does that go?

No, RTM only show how to better use the source of PPV. The $200 is for paying for the source of PPV showed by RTM.


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