Removing Downloader-UA.h (Fake MP3 or MPG file)

What is  Downloader-UA.h? It's a nasty virus that is making the round of P2P networks. It was name Downloader-UA.h by McAfee. How to be infected by Downloader-UA.h? First, a person download a mp3 or mpg file from any P2P(Peer 2 Peer). Once downloaded, the person will be invited to download a codec or go to a site to get a "special" player. If the person do that, they will be infected. It may not even ask before infecting you. In any case, Downloader-UA.h will be on your computer. How it's done? The mp3 is in reality an ASF file. Some players will read the header of the file and not the file extension. This way, they will know how to decode the file before playing it. It's the downside of "intelligent" players. Removing Downloader-UA.h McAfee detected Downloader-UA.h first so it's the safer bet for now. You may also try the free method I used while removing Virus Heat with AVG just in case it works for you. If it does, please leave a comment. It may help others. Conclusion Even media files like mp3 or mpg are no longer safe. So "sharers" on P2p, beware of them. McAfee reported 500 000 unique reports in just a few days. Like I mentioned in the past, if a media file needs a "special codec or player" before it can be played, just skip it. "Play it" safe. ;)
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Another interesting and informative post. I read your email subscription posts most days and you have lots of "secrets" to give away. Good stuff. Cheers, Ed

Thanks, I do my best to share what I learned.


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