Results Of Making Money With Email Submits

In December, I started making money with email submits. It was new to me and did not know what my results would be. For the offers, I'm using NB. In fact, I unexpected received my first payment in mid January. The amount from December was $62.20USD. I must mentioned that I started on the 8-9th of December.

When I setup a site now, my overall goal is to get $1/day so I was more than happy with $62.20USD. Since it was a USD check, I had to wait 21 days minus the fees($2.50 plus the exchange rate) to convert to Canadians dollars.  Having said that, it came to $75.97CAN.

Around mid January, I had to change the offer because the advertiser stopped doing campaigns. I was lucky because I found another alternative but the downside was only for US and Canadians visitors. Other visitors that clicked on the offer were redirected to a free software offer. I got a few dollars from that too.

I also tweaked my landing page to get a better conversion ratio. That also helped more than expected with the new offer.  Plus, their landing page was better/faster for visitors to submit their information.

My test site is receiving low quality traffic so the number of visitors that click to the offer and then submits it is very low. What can I say, the targeted people for that site are lazy even with free things.

What was my results for January?

I even experimented with a CB related offer for 1.5 days in the last week. Since, it was not a free offer, I made $0 during that short period.

So, in January(29.5 days), my test site earned me $168.45USD. That's around $5.71USD/day.

Btw, I like NB even more now and you should join them.
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I knew a little about it and had read a post(where?) and saw a thread on DP recently that only stated my result.


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