Review: 30 Minute Backlink Solutions Is A Scam

In recent weeks, I saw an increase in what I call "fake software" on my software directory. The ideal is to distribute some "fake software" to software directories to get a backlink to your site/blog.

Today, I was reading Vic's blog, I noticed this thread on the forum. A person was asking about the 30 Minute Backlink Solutions.  I was curious and found out that it was the source of this recent plague on software directories. When I saw the promotional video,  I remembered that I deleted the software in the video when it first started. The 30 Minute Backlink Solutions will scam cost you $97.

Why the 30 Minute Backlink Solutions is a scam?

According to AndiC, it would cost you $200-300 more to get you started with the some software. You can use free "premade" software.

The ideal would had been good if it was going to be a real software.  Then again, it's not backlinks but downloads you want when it's a real software. Now, the method is being too much overused that it will very soon not work anymore.

When I see a "fake software", it's deleted and most software directories are doing the same now according to AndiC. So, you will pay $97+ for a method that will no longer work as advertised. In time, the method will die.

Of course, you will still find software directories that don't even check at new submissions.  But then again the webmaster will eventually close it thus removing your backlinks in a few months.

Serious webmaster may give you the backlink now but delete it a few hours/days later. If it get too much work to handle for them, the site will just close. So, the method is for short term gain if any.

One argument is that it give new content to our software directories. Yes, it's true but if I start to have 1000 times the same thing over and over, then it's content that I don't want.

The author had a good ideal but by making it public turned into a spam method thus no longer under the radar. That's for this reason I call the method a scam, and not the author a scammer.

Do you have alternative to get backlinks?

I do understand that you want backlinks and finding a fast way has some appeal to you and to me too.

I see Bookmarking Demon, for example, as the better investment for you to get backlinks. At least with BMD, you don't need to buy other things to use it. ;) I use it but I don't overuse it.

Another way to get backlinks is to leave comments on dofollow blogs using Fast Blog Finder. It's free and it can be upgraded for much less than 30 Minute Backlink Solutions to find more results. Again, leave a real comment and don't spam or your comment will be deleted anyway. The cool thing is that you can find post with some high PageRank.


I must also state that I did not buy 30 Minute Backlink Solutions. I was able to review it because I understand the principal(I'm real software author) and I'm at the other end of that method(I have a software directory).

Btw, I do have pointers(like many directory owners) to spot "fake software" because most users that are using the 30 Minute Backlink Solutions are too damn lazy so it's easier for me. And no, I won't tell you how I do it. :D But when in doubt, I just delete the software.

P.S. To make sure we are talking about the same software, click here. I saw a few similar sites but they did not show the price on the front page.

Edit 2008/10/16: I finally decided to indirectly link to the 30 Minute Backlink Solutions using my own short URL(my service). I gave you my opinion but in the end, it's up to you make the choice for a quick "possible" buck or use other and better alternative methods for the longer term. I also noticed a decrease of fake software since I posted this. Maybe users are less lazy. ;)

Edit 2008/12/08: I posted about the submission part using a fake software I created.
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Google must have caught up with 30 minute backlinks. I can't find her site under cool tattoos. I see the software listings ranked thought.

I can say that since I wrote that, I saw a dramatic decrease in the number of "fake" software on my site. In the last week, I only saw a few. Either people have read this post or they skip my site. ;)

30 minutes backlinks is a complete joke. Yet people still give it positive reviews in hopes of making money. The knowledge contained in this product is the equivalent of a quick forum post on a forum like DigitalPoint.

The information is there but if people don't know how and what to search, it will take more times.

thanks for the reviews, hopefully I've read it..

I have been using the 30 minute backlinks method for quite some time now and have been more than happy with my results. There was also a recent update to the product, which has beem additionally helpful.

Update: 38 click on my link so 18 new person yet no sale.

[...] myself thus not a big deal to me. 2.  Major: One tactic to get backlinks is by using a method I reviewed [...]

thanks for the reviews, hopefully I’ve read it.

You can use the 30 Minutes Backlinks method with actual software, but you have to be creative enough to think of that I guess. Second, yes some of the "software" suggested might not be what you want in your directory but still it might be of value to other people.

You don't need the 30 minutes but you need a software like Robosoft to submit your software to directories. For being creative, yes, you need a real software that you programmed yourself.

i was going to try out for one of my sites, ... slightly worried about SEO. is similar to TLA(Google hate paid links). Since we just had a PR update, the visible PR will be in 2-3 months. Are you ready to pay all those months? BMD 4 cost more now but your get more diverse links.

I purchased 30 minute back links- it was a complete waste of money. The content of the package is just a tutorial of how to make a browser tool bar that is available free at You name the toolbar as your preferred keyword, and then submit this to various free ware sites. However conduit has now made an alteration to the way you can make and save the tool bar, so the system will not work.

Thanks Alan for the feedback. It's nice that they changed the way they do thing now. I guest spamming using their software was bad advertisements from them.

nice posts!.. it tricky to navigate these waters, and everyone pretends to be your friend just to sell their info.. i just got saved from buying that one..>> thanks guys << i mean it, blessings

It is very disconcerting when Internet "marketing experts" highlight "secrets" that are tantamount to "black hat" seo. It is getting increasingly more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, and posts like yours truly help in this endeavor.

del: glad you save the money ;)

Well, I just bought the package and I actually found value in it. I had no idea that those types of tools or methods existed and if I had to search for that stuff on my own, It would of cost me many hours and since I charge 50 bucks an hour for my services, 97 bucks is worth it.


What's fake about the software?


If you make a tool that is useful and unique, I don't have a problem with that.

Yes, any program or method can be abused.

I don't have a problem with you creating a toolbar(not unique) for your site and offer it to your visitors. It's a great idea.

I guess you and I will just have agree to disagree then.

Sorry for late reply.

I disagree with your review. Earning links through software directories is the future of SEO and web traffic. There is noting like getting 100s of high powered links easily. It takes me about 20 minutes to make the software and I did not have much experience beforehand. Making the software is also very very cheap and you can do it for free.


I'm back.

I knew you could not keep away ;)

Seems pretty obvious to me that anyone who buys this package is really wasting money, as the technique is rather simple. Also, it's spam - who wants to run a software directory that has thousands of slightly different conduit toolbars generated just for the sake of SEO rankings (& not for software, which is the real function of the directory)

: thanks!

Thank you for providing your review on 30 minute backlinks. The comments have been really interesting. I guess it's fair enough to say that it works because after almost a year, Michelle's tattoo site ( is still in Google's first page for "cool tattoos" (depends on datacenter).

I have actually been thinking about buying this product for a while, but after reading your review I'm not sure if I should do it.

Yes, that is the one. I was just about to buy it and was the order page when I thought I'd do a quick google check. So in I pop "30 minute backlinks", Michelle's site was no1 and this blog post was no2. I expected it to be a fake scam post from an affiliate but instead I got a real review that explains when the program does.

The best information I have read about this is right here. Keep going Thank you

Hi, this is a great site, and very well thought out and well written.

Thanks for the warning.

Wow what a rip off! I am glad I looked around and found this article. Thanks for the review.

It's been awhile since I commented on my blog and this post. That's ife. Having wrote that, I will give you 2 ways I'm using now.

I was interested in the 30 minute backlinks program until I watched a video on it and realized what it was they were selling as a backllink technique. A pretty weak method of generating links and pretty weak links at that now.

The substitute is using tools to get diverse types of backlinks.

Thanks Steve, I must admit I nearly went for this but I've been pretty sceptical all along. Once I knew how it worked with fake software, that along with your comments made my mind up.

No problem!

please wirte more article like this one. I have found a lot of informations I was looking for


I am so glad I found this blog before I went out and spent money on the 30 minute backlinks scam, Thanks for the review. I will just keep plugging away with the methods I have been using, guess I got greedy looking for a shortcut.

Thanks for the review, I was really considering buying this software and I always research things before I commit. I am glad I did. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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