Review: Blog Content Wizard

Yesterday, I bought Blog Content Wizard from Frank. It's a tool to create keyword rich content for your niche sites. For example, instead of using a PLR, you enter a few keywords and it create some text for you.

Is it perfect text?

No but the text has some value to it. Since, I'm not English native(French guy from Quebec City, Canada). The text could had been written by a follow citizen with almost no English. It could also be viewed as a rant or babbling too.

Here is an example. I used Make money online, affiliate, links, time, patience with 100 words. You can generate a 1000 words post.
Make money online is a way to increase the amount of Make money online. But, there are things going on below the Make money online surface. It's all good.

There’s a lot to learn about Make money online. OK, it rarely happens to all of us. You know, when it rains, it pours. My record should speak for itself. Consistency is yet another key part. This is what I like about patience. But, happily, that's not the whole story. I noticed patience a while back. This is a guide to declaring with time. I can't say that I be against this greatly admired train of thought.

You will notice that affiliate and links were not used. So, I redid it but with 152 words. I was not able to pick 150 with the slider.
I always treated mine like that. I'll sharpen my pencil. The links is always greener on the other side. It’s only going to help links out more in the long run. Make money online would be dull if there were not limits on {keyword. Make money online is not extremely important. Let's take a deeper dive. links can be a lot of trouble. Make money online alone makes me want to check out time. In this case it's the blind leading the blind. I am going to tell you that this is links. Now that’s the sort of thing I really hate. We don't have some things to work out about links. I bought more Make money online. time needs to be revised and expanded. links would be incredible if it was important to you. I can imagine what that would be like. You need every edge you can get. Nope. Make money online is not easy.

You will notice that affiliate was not used and one keyword was not used.


I think Frank had issues with affiliate so I closed the program and redid the test. Again, that word was not used. I decided to remove it and add it again. This time, it was links.

It's only version 1.0 so I expect to have some minor bugs at first. It's okay since Blog Content Wizard does come with free upgrades.


Once you buy it, you will have a access to a private forum where Frank will answer your question very fast.

Where to use it?

Like I mentioned above, it should be used for your niche sites. A person would start to read this and hopefully click out on an ad. It could also be used to create some content for your link farm to get them indexed faster by search engines. But make a few real post too to look more legit.

The cost?

Frank does not have an affiliate program thus he lowered the price to $47. He is also using the same affiliate script that I'm using with See Free Movies Legally.


If you do any kind of Internet marketing, you should add Blog Content Wizard in your toolbox!
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Thanks for the review and the bug hunting.

Thanks Frank for the fast response.

Thanks Steve,

Version is working now.

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