Review: Get Affordable Niche Private Label Text From NBN(coupon)

In the past I recommended PLC for getting your PLR eBook, graphics, software... and I still do. But what if you are looking for affordable private label text only or don't have the money yet for PLC?

That's when NBN comes in. Every month, you will have access to 250 new professionally written posts and 100 pre written comments you can use to get backlinks from dofollow blogs using FBF(free). That's 10 new niches every month with 25 posts per niches.

Those are not 100-150 words post. While looking at this month content, I found that most of them are in the high 500 words. That's a lot of content for a niche blog.

Once the month is over, the previous month's content will no longer be available. If you register in February, you won't have access to January.

What about duplicate content penalty?

To get around the duplicate content penalty, you need to either rewrite the post or get more links. You might want to target a few long tail keywords in the post thus need less links. Plus the sooner you get in, the more "exclusive" the content is.

How can I make money from that?

I'm sure some of you wonder how you can make money from the NBN content. Simple, you will create a niche blog and add Adsense or affiliates products/services on it. You could also use the phpBay plugin to show related items to that post. I would not use more than one monetarization on a post.

The cost

A normal paid post cost around $5 for 200 words. For example, $5 x 250 posts = $1250. I'm not even counting the comments in that.

The beauty of using a NBN is that members pool their money together. You will pay $29.97/month.  That's just $0.11 per post.

Use this $20 off coupon(G3ZJLY69JB) and have it for $9.97/month only. But for the next 72 hours, You will also get the previous months during that period. So, go to NBN and get the passed content while they are available!
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