Review: Is Directory Submitter Worth It?

One way to rank well on Google and other search engines, it's to have many websites to link back to your site or blog. You can:
  • find directories and submit your site(time consuming but free)
  • use a paid submission service so that will add it for you(a fee per site, easy and no control)
  • use a Directory Submitter software solution like I will review below(free/paid, more control, easy, less time consuming)
I tried all those ways. Directory Submitter Because I used Robosoft to submit my freeware, I thought that Directory Submitter was very easy to use in comparison. You just need to open a project for your site/blog and enter the information about it. Once it's done, you go submit your site to every directory in the list. For each directory, you will see it's PageRank and Alexa ranking. The process is semi-automatic. Once you click on the directory the window below(basic web browser) will fill the information that you entered previously. You will then need to select the category and read the information. In the software world, we have a PAD file. It's XML files(text) that let know the directory owner in which category the freeware or shareware will go and the information about it. We don't have that option here so the need to manual select a category. A directory can be free, paid or both. If you use the free option, you will wait longer unless you use the reciprocal link option. Of course, paying a fee will get you added/reviewed much faster. I know because that's what I do with 1 Cool File for a blog submission. Once you have submitted your blog or site, you will see the date, link text and description you used. Directory Submitter comes in 2 versions:
  • Free: It's the default version and give you 350 directories.
  • Paid: Once you get the free version, you can upgrade to 2210 directories
I will suggest that try it first for yourself. The directories that I did with the free version were transferred when I upgraded to the paid option. How many submissions per day Yes, it's a boring task to do so I would recommend that you do at least a few directories a day. With the free option, you could be done in 35 days if you submit to 10 directories/day. You could submit more with the paid option. The cost I expect that some of you will cringe when I tell you the price. It's only $76USD. To put that in perspective, I paid $99 for Robosoft and it had 1200 software directories. Robosoft is good for life but the database of software directories is good for 6 only months. After that, I have to pay $8/month or less if I take more months to get an updated list. Now with Directory Submitter, you pay once and the updates are free(database/software). So, you know why I only wrote only $76USD. You must also understand that directories owners can change the way they let people add a site, close the directory... Someone has to keep it current. Btw, when you go at the Directory Submitter page, you can see a short video(2m42s) of the software. When it was recorded, the database had 1830 directories. 380 new directories were added since then. If you are serious about your blog, site or your mini web empire :D , I recommend Directory Submitter for you! Plus, it's free and worth it ;)
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How long did the Directory Submitter software take to submit your site? I tried a free one a month ago that was outdated and I ended up having to fill out all of the data for each site.......I gave up after 5 or so sites.

Because it's manual, it takes about 20sec. to 2 minutes depending on how much text you have to read. The neat thing is that it will fill the information for you. Maybe the database was not updated at that time.

It looks like I will have to decide between only doing a few a day or paying someone for the task. I would end up going nutty repeating the same task over and over again!

If you pay, it's for one site only. When you start to add other sites to your web empire :D , then it will start to cost more than the software itself. Plus, you don't know the quality of the sites they add it to. I got spammed a lot after using such services(not by the service itself). Don't get me wrong, they are time savers too.

I have used a service from for my business sites. They do it manually and submit over a period of time so Google does not pick it up as an issue. When I tried the DIY service I assumed that it was a push a button and you are done type of thing. I have a hard time dealing with a "submit your article" to 50 social groups since some of them require me to enter some information.

Thanks for the compliment, I try to be the most objective and having done both ways, I can give input for that. It's nice to have backups. ;)

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[...] now, I'm only using BookmarkingDemon. I'm concentrating on building the sites first. I also wrote a review about Directory [...]

i just downloaded the directory submitter free version. i submitted to two sites and also found that several sites are just no longer maintained.


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