Review: Majon Will Email 150 000 Opt-In People For You

It took some time to write this review about Majon because I wanted to give it a chance and see some results. As most of you don't know, Majon is a bulk opt-in emailer with other marketing services. First try I had already got some results with the free ebook Income 4 Beginner(review) on my blog and so, I wanted to test this method after reading elsewhere about them. Plus, other Income 4 Beginner users may find it useful too. What can I say: I like trying stuff. :D So last September, I decided to try their Safe Announce service($60) to sell Income 4 Beginners. The list is for 150 000 non targeted emails in plain text. The other site used the 1 Million($265) target method(HTML text) and made thousands(14-20K) from it. I figured that I could make a few hundreds at best or at least get back my $60. If it would had worked well, I would had try the 1 million then 3 Millions($495) and finally the 5 Millions($795). I wanted to see the result of each level with a $60 starting investment. I did one mistake: I did not create a landing page for it thus sending it directly to Cash 4 Beginners. But it was small mistake because I really did not get real traffic on the new site. So, it was easy to track the traffic. After a few weeks, I emailed them to make sure my campaign was sent. It was indeed sent yet I could not see any spike in traffic. I figured that with 150K, I would get 1%(1500) from it in traffic alone. Selling is another matter. Second try After a few emails with Majon, I change my message to make it shorter using one of the samples of Income 4 Beginners. Plus, I created a landing page to monitor the progress. They did it for free(nice). Don't forget that if it had worked, I would had bought the pricier services. This time, I waited  1 month more after the initial sending of the emails (up to 10 days) and I monitored the traffic on that page. I only got 2 hits and they were mine. I sent an email that I received zero traffic to that page. As by chance, a few days later I received a big 36 visits and then nothing. Conclusion The only trouble I had with the staff was that my contact in charge of my case was sick for a few days and it took several days for someone else to answer me back about my lack of results. Otherwise, they were polite and professional. If the method would had at least sent me traffic for the free ebook Income 4 Beginners, I would also used it to promote 1 Cool File but I would had expected more than 1%. I can't recommend the Safe Announce service with the low numbers I got from them with Income 4 Beginners. Is it because the email is filtered by people thus less likely to be read? Maybe. If you have money and want to try the 1 Million targeted option, then be my guest and good luck with it. :D
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Great review.

Internet will make people to earn money with less work. Internet marketers work to improve targeted traffic to the web, which helps to grow business by turn’s visitors to customers. Newtrafficmaster has given easy ways to get targeted traffic.

I write like I see it. They should add a $80 targeted option.

Im currently in the middle of a hair-raising opt-in email campaign with Majon and am at the point of filing a chargeback...

Was it targeted?

yes....the so-called "safe announce" system-targeted opt-in emails.

Has anyone tried Majon's 12,000 mall link service (I've been considering it)? Has anyone had any luck with any other bulk mailers?

Has anyone tried their advanced press release program. I was about to purchase it until I read these comments.

Jonathan: If it had worked, I would had become a client.

Well i will say most people will agree with you.

I am relatively new to internet marketing and am learning as I go. I signed up a couple weeks ago with Majon International for their mall linking website. It cost me $109.00 ($59.00 to set up campaign and $50.00 for ad) I have had 4 sales whereas they were my referral and am currently in the green with them so I am overall happy; however still new and testing. I have tried, got alot of hits but no sales. I am also using qualitytrafficsupply and still up in air about them. Check out the site meter at the bottom of my page

It's good to try things but I must admit that I did not do much research before starting in the field. So, I learned a lot since then but it came to higher cost that needed be. If I had known...

Hi Steve

I know how you feel. Most A-List Blogger are like that and I used to follow them. Not anymore!

[...] an invitation to participate in a new list building site(ListQuick) by Carlos who had read my review on Majon. At first, I though the idea was cool since I wanted to offer See Free Movies Legally(and [...]

thanks for the information on Majon i was thinking about using them not anymore

I realized that it's been almost 1 year since I posted and Majon is still in business.

i was going to use Majon sevices to market some new internet marketing software.

I'm having trouble understanding one thing. The general feel is kind of negative about majon, but you mention in the post:

Yes, $14-20K would had been a good deal IF it had worked.

I DO NOT recommend Majon. The first red flag, was the fact that they act extensively to ensure that you waive any right to file a charge back.

That's sad since I understand from your comment that you paid for the 1 million package.

I would have to agree. Majon is a rip-off. Do not buy them. I once used a marketing program that was very similar. Take away your rights then send pop-under clicks to your site. These aren't even valid clicks.

Sorry John.

I had a friend that ordered the $60 Safe Announce and got 400 orders. I gave it a try, too. Didn't get as many sales, but I had a good amount of traffic and sales from it. I'm thinking of giving their targeted traffic a try next. I'll let you know how that goes.

I am using Majon's 150k safe announce and am thinking the business is one of many trying to scam people trying to earn some income on the Internet. Their stats say that they sent 458 visitors to my sit thus far and my counter does not read a single visit - not one. I can't believe my counter is missing 458 people. I was seriously considering the 1 opt-in selection for $265.00 but I guess Majon is not counting much on repeat business.

We used the 1 million email service and received 2 clicks. Sent same email with 2 other services and received over 10,000 on both.

On the contrary, I benefitted greatly using Majon Internatinal's services. I learned more about niche marketing, targeting several local businesses and customers to direct them to my site. I was able to distribute my email to an array of websites, and took advantage of the permanent link service they offered.

we have tried majon international email marketing services for our key business services, its good to see that people from targeted country will start contact us and some of them turned as a sales. we are very much thanksful to majon to pay proper attention of our business and its requirement. we definitely suggest majon international for email marketing services.

Hello! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?


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