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I first heard about Niche Store Writer from Vic on BloggerUnleashed. Vic was very existed about being able to exclusively promote a new product on his blog before anybody else to his readers. He was only giving teasers about a "secret software" he was testing. Vic only promote software that he use that makes his job easier. So, I was curious too. But when I saw the product for the first time, to be truthful, my first impression was a bit of a disappointment. Did Vic oversold Niche Store Writer? Steve, why were you disappointed? The reason is simple: I had programmed something similar but at a much much much basic level for my own specific needs. I was even thinking of creating my own software until then. In short, my "thing" was giving me the same end result that Niche Store Writer was doing. Plus, I thought is was way over price.

Niche Store Writer


So, what is Niche Store Writer anyway? You write a template text by also including tags that the software will replace for you. Like the name suggest, it's very good for niche stores writing like BANS or affiliate niche sites. Review: Niche Store Writer You will not find any harsher critic than me. No, it's not jealousy because Dave(the creator) got Niche Store Writer out first. Plus, I'm already giving away my own free software(MIS Info Video) so it's not about the huge potential of money he will make from it. At first, I watched the video but I was not sure if I should buy it or not. But, to give it a try/review(good or bad), I finally did buy it. To show off Niche Store Writer, I created a simple example: Step 1: Enter the text including some tags([title], [word1]) Niche Store Writer - Step 1: Template Step 2: Enter the values of each corresponding tags. Niche Store Writer - Step 2: Tags Step 3: You see that the Word1(Gucci Bags) represent 9,1% of text. Niche Store Writer - Step 3: Edition Preview: You can preview the HTML that would be generated. Niche Store Writer - Step: Preview Now, I used a simple phrase for this example. If I had used a much bigger text(long affiliate sales page) with more keywords, then I would had saved time by using Niche Store Writer. "Well, I can do a Search and Replace" That was my first impression but why do you think I programmed my own basic version to do that? To save valuable time by using the same template on my own BANS sites. Yes, there are other methods available but this one is simpler for most people. The Positive:
  • It does what it's supposed to do very well
  • Save you time by reusing your own templates
  • The user interface is very simple and strait forward
  • Free upgrades(see note)
  • 8 weeks money back guarantee
Note: That's very important to me because I don't like recurring fees. This is the reason it's priced higher and that, I understand very well and it's okay when you understande. The Negative
  • I would use another word for Edition(step 3) because you can't really edit. I added text but once I went back to the Template tab, the added text was removed. It's more of a text preview and keyword density tab.
  • No help file is included with the software.
  • For some reasons, when I want to load/save a template, I'm always in a temporary directory on my C: drive.
  • The sample text files are not included in the program folder. By default, it/you should create a folder in your documents folder. This way, it will be part of your backup.
  • To Preview the HTML, I have to click on the Open HTML Editor button and then click on Preview.
Because it has free upgrades, I don't mind much the negative points. I'm just pointing them out. Those can be added or fixed later on. From my personal experience, the help file is the most boring thing to do. ;) Tips Many will write and offer Niche Store Writer templates for free. I would suggest that you use them but modified them right away. Why? If you use a modified template in a BANS site, you won't have a duplicate content penalty this way. It even more true if somebody else is targeting the same keywords than you and using the same unmodified template. The risk is small but it still there. Play it safe! Conclusion Niche Store Writer is a good tool to add to your toolbox. I can see that a lot of work went into it to make it simple for users. I wish Dave a lot of success with his new "baby". Btw, I won't request a refund because I'm keeping Niche Store Writer. I'm working with BANS using my own "thing" but this tool will come handy with other niches or longer templates. Non-programmers do like Niche Store Writer a lot for their BANS because it does save them time. Could I program something like this? Yes. Will I do it? No because Dave did a good job with Niche Store Writer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against competition. I even applaud Dave in taking the steps(funding) to make his dream/baby come true. So, buy Niche Store Writer and start working wiser and faster now on your BANS and other niches! P.S. I have something in mind(many in fact) but you will need to subscribe to my RSS feed to know more about them later on. ;)
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Review of Niche Store Writer: Is It That Good?...


Thanks Dave. I'm glad that you see it as constructive feedback.


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