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One way to make money online in Internet marketing, it's by reselling Private Label Rights. My first experience was last year but the program closed early this year. It packaged a bunch of ebooks, software into one big file that I could resell. In that case, it was one time payment and that showed me the basics.  At that time, I did not know about PLR, MRR ... Having other things at that time, I did not used them. You also can find them on many specialized PLR sites but it will cost you a lot.

Private Label Chest

The man behind Private Label Chest is Vic Franqui. He noticed that most people starting in Internet marketing did not have the money to afford all those sites.

Most PLR sites will cost you $150+ to register with $50+/ month to get access to fresh product. You can also buy one products at a time on other sites. Sites working like Private Label Chest pool the money from members thus pay someone to create an  ebook or software, create the salesletter, keyword research, graphics... for them. A single PLR/MRR site could cost $500+ alone. Some PLR are just a few text file about a subject thus don't cost much to be written.

Also, 90% of products on PLR site are product targeted at Internet marketers. The real money is when you target everyday people. With only 10% of products in most sites targeting that market, it would cost you many hundreds to have access to their 10%.

Private Label Chest is different because 90% of the products are targeting everyday people. It's a one-time payment of just $97 and $29.97 a month after that.

Those that are already members to other PLR sites will know how a great deal Private Label Chest is for that price. It's like being registered to 10-12 PLR sites at the same time.

If you are already a PLR member of another site, you should become a Private Label Chest member like me.

Otherwise, read on if your starting and want to know more.

Why a one time payment?

Most PLR sites will ask for a one time registration payment. Otherwise, a member would register for one month, download every PLR, MRR, cancel and re-register a few months later. For sites, the one time fee stop that. Also, they can use to registration fee to cover the cost for new exclusive PLR, MRR products.

You must also consider the cost of running such a site. It's not like a shared host where you get a lot of monthly bandwidth. ;)

Drip, Drip, Drip

Like other PLR sites, once you register, you will see new items dripping and be accessible to download by you. Since I'm part of the first batch of members, I will see more products that someone that registered today.  After one year, you would not want someone to have access to everything on day 1 when you have paid your dues every month to get new products? It's more fair to everyone that way.

Graphics, Music, Text

I registered because I was lacking in the graphics department and I was not alone.  Having templates for websites is also great for me.

I even downloaded Internet marketing music that I'm using with video on YouTube.

If I need some content about a niche, I can download text files.

PLR, MRR, Personal Use

On Private Label Chest, some of the products are PLR(Private Label Rights), MRR(Master Resell Rights) and Personal use. When you download a product, you will find a text file with the rights.

PLR(Private Label Rights)

I can use a ebook about gardens(PDF) and start selling it on my site. I can modify the content and put my name on it.

MRR(Master Resell Rights)

It's a step beyond PLR. I can also let my clients resell it too.

Personal use

Like the name said, it's for personal use only.  You can't sell it to anyone.

How to sell products?

The simple way would be to create a site with the affiliate script I'm using with the See Free Movies Legally. And no, SFML is not a MRR or PLR. It's my own product and proud of it.  :D

If it's your first time, I suggest using HostGator(shared hosting) for the script since it did not work with any of my 1and1 packages.

You might want to download this free guide: Make Money With PLR Guide(PDF)


Being a member of Private Label Chest, it's offering me more opportunities to make money online and not just graphics. Okay, I love those graphics :D

For "newbies", the price will stop them and I can understand that. If you want to make money, you need to invest like in the real world. You must consider that you are getting a lot of value for that price in comparison to other sites. I checked my download folder and I already had 10 MRR products. Let's take 10 products at $500(average value), it's $5000 of value right there. I'm not even counting all the PLR products that I downloaded.

Remember, Private Label Chest is a one-time payment of just $97 and $29.97/month after that. It's a no brainer for those that know how much it will cost them elsewhere.
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You're right, PLR content is a fantastic resource for online business owners. It makes content creation push button easy, and as long as one takes the time to edit the content to make it uniquely their own, there's really no reason to worry about duplicate content issues.

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