Review: Use WP Affiliate Elite and Don't Leave Money On The Table

That's right: Don't leave money on the table with WP Affiliate Elite.

So, what is WP Affiliate Elite?

WP Affiliate Elite is a paid Wordpress plugin that will turn any keyword from any post(even older posts) into an affiliate lead by cloaking the link.

For example, if I write those words: TrustURL, AuctionSiteWriter, See Free Movies Legally. They will all be converted into a URL for me and I won't need to hunt down the URL each time. I just write the words. Of course, being my sites, I won't do that to pass some PR juice but I would for third party sites. ;)

Since those are only sites, I still check Enable Click Tracking. This way, I can see how many clicks it had. An affiliate link don't need the PR juice so I don't change Enable "nofollow" attribute (default). The other thing is that the link is not visible and will open a new window when clicked.

You can decide how many times each word replacement might appear in a post and how many replacements for all the words. By default, it is 5 times per keyword and 10 total per post. I had to increased the latter to 100 words.

Since I'm writing more about phpBay, BANS or AuctionSiteWriter this days, I will be able to concentrate on the post itself and not think about adding the URL.

For example, I could use he keywords host and hosting in a post. But if a person have the money for a domain name but don't have the money to get a paid shared hosting package, I can use free host or free hosting keywords instead. I wonder if a scuttle site would work on this free host?

What is the price?

The price for WP Affiliate Elite is $47. But think about this: how much time would it take you to go back and add affiliates links to older post that had certain words in it? You might have started using affiliates much later or forgot 1 or 2 possibilities.

The other well know plugin is WP Affiliate Pro and cost $97(no relation to each other). Some don't like the way the links are shown with WP Affiliate Pro.

WP Affiliate Elite is a nice alternative to WP Affiliate Pro if your don't have the money. Since it's newer, WP Affiliate Elite will grow in time and you would had paid less if you buy it today rather than later. ;)

What about free plugins?

Those free one's are done when time permits it and I understand that very well. Since it's a paid version, the author will be more inclined to listen to clients and work on it than those free version out there.


I had a chance to email the author and I got a fast reply and took my suggestions into consideration. Also, the author had already some ideas in mind. Check out WP Affiliate Elite.
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hey I like your header about $7 secret. I'm trying to make money too using ppc

Thanks but it was the plugin. I don't do PPC for now so good luck.

Hi Steve,


Yeah weird, I tried it again and they changed the link for some reason and are offering some $47 bonus.

Dean, I just check the new link. You are not saving since you are still paying $97. They want $47 to install the plugin? Sorry but that's not worth that much for a few minutes of work for them. Granted, it's a nice service to offer.


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