RSS, 125x125 Banner Advertising On John Cow: The Result

In December, I had the opportunity to be an RSS advertiser(300x250) and a 125x125 banners on John Cow Dot Com for $125/month. John made that offer by also offering the free RSS banner to the first 6. My goal was to promote my free/paid Blog Directory to his readers. Many are bloggers and so it was a natural fit to get serious bloggers, so I thought. It was a good opportunity. Show me the numbers For a better tracking, I created a special landing page for the RSS 300x250 and the 125x125 banners. I received 250 unique visitors (280 views) and no post by John to introduced his advertisers. In all, he made 43 post during my times as advertiser. The last post my 300x250 banner was in, it was on December 20th. I was the last one to be advertised in the RSS feed with a banner. My ad was shown 4 times in the feed. During the period, I offered his readers a chance to save 25% using a coupon but only 1 was used(Thank you). They could also add their blog for free for 1 year. I also added a link to a comment contest I was doing. Only 3 viewed it but none took advantage of the offer. The first 10 to add a comment in that post with a blog name and URL won automatically 1 free month of advertising on 1 Cool File. I got the 10th on January 5th. Only 2 readers took the time to vote for John Cow blog's. Conclusion Paying $0.50/visitor is too much for me considering that the directory has now a free option (1 year). I'm a little disappointing in John Cow reader's to not even take the time to check out the simplest contest. Worst, it's the make money online crowd and they should know the value of free advertising(contest and directory). Does it mean that 1/250 really want to make money? On the other hand, I know that adding a blog take some time and I'm working on a solution to make it easier for bloggers. I did wrote a step by step tutorial. If you can add a plugin, then you can add your blog. You just need to read the simple instructions! I even have a paid option for those too busy to enter the basic information. Some did use it for many blogs.
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RSS, 125×125 Banner Advertising On John Cow: The Result | McGrath Dot Ca...

In my opinion, John Cow got 'famous' by just copying the real one.

Yes, he started has a funny site but find he is different than the "big beef". :D He did send me more traffic than other ways I tried but in the end my campaign was not productive.

We've done the same type of test on our blog, bought some 125x125 banner ads for one month, and I can tell you that we also spent $0.50 per visitor, which we also thought to be too much.


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