The Treadmill/Dimmer Is killing My DSL Connection

Since the treadmill was installed a week ago, I had even more troubles with my DSL connection. I had them before but the treadmill, at least, allowed me to determined what was going with my Internet connection.

A little background

I got my DSL a few years ago. At that time, my profile could not be at the maximum because I was too far to the central. I still got a good speed with an unlimited monthly bandwidth. The latter is why I stayed with DSL. If I go elsewhere, I would be capped and I don't want to worry about that. Also, I have a good price versus the others. I decided to live with the minor hiccups even if it's annoying sometimes and make me :mad:. Since then, I blamed the wiring/distance for the cause of the troubles. I should mentioned that I have errors on the phone lines. The level 2 technician had to lower the profile to keep the connection stable.

Tell me about the router

Like I mentioned before, the connection began to go to less than 1KB/sec when the treadmill was working. The connection was still available but it was not cut when I checked the router. I'm no electrician but decided to do all sort basic of connection test with the router and the modem. I tried plugging both in many power sockets but with no results. Both do use electricity after all. I taught the router(old) was the guilty for some weird reasons. So, I decided to try it with no router by plugging the modem directly into the computer. For security reasons, I don't like to do that very long. I still had the same troubles. I should had tested that method in the first place. At least, I know my router is still good. :D

After walking all those steps last night, I did not need the treadmill for myself. ;)

Show me the light

Seeing no solutions, I searched with Google and found this: How do dimmers, electronic switches and treadmills interfere with DSL?. It's all about RFI and well done. I also used the radio AM trick found here: My DSL loses sync regularly. How can I detect interference with an AM Radio?. What I did not realized, was that the dimmer in the kitchen was also the cause of my troubles for so many years. Near my computer, I have an halogen lamp with a dimmer.

The modem and router are both connected on battery backup but also tried a normal power bar with a RFI filter on it.

The possible solutions

No cost: Stop using the Internet while the treadmill/dimmers are working. It's almost like going back to a conventional 56K modem connection when people had to asked if the line was not in used to make a call or connection.

Cost: Install a RFI filter on each guilty equipment or change all dimmers($10/each on Not practical enough because of the new equipment that could be added(RFI). But if you have a few dimmers to change, it's not that bad.

Cost: Go with a cable modem with a monthly bandwidth limit. It will cost much more.

Cost: Isolate the DSL modem from the RFI. I will have to check if it's possible.

Here's my patch for now

After talking to my DSL provider, it turned out that it's not uncommon yet rare. When he asked to a level 2, he did not take too long to get back to me. He explained that the phone wire maybe too near another wire that creates a RFI field. I did another test with my DSL modem that was connected with 2 other telephones with a 3 way splitter. By removing one line filter, I was able to fix the treadmill issue but lost a telephone. I still got the dimmer RFI problem when the light is not used at 100%. Most of the times, it is.

Sometimes the error maybe caused elsewhere that you taught in the first place ;)

Choose your country first. It's should be cheaper
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I found this blog by googling for solutions to my DSL connection being dropped every time I use the treadmill. So obviously, I have the exact same issue. I have tried a lot of the things you have tried and more. I even tried running an extension cord from the neighbors house to power the treadmill. Several days ago I thought I had found the solution to all of my troubles in the form of a DSL RFI filter. It arrived yesterday, but did not solve anything. Today I was going to try connecting directly to the DSL modem and bypass the router, but I see you already tried that. I know for a fact that the phone line runs directly underneath the floor where the treadmill is on the second floor. But there is really nothing I can do about that, unless I want to tear out the ceiling in the first floor. I work from home using VPN, so everytime the treadmill cranks up, I lose my VPN connection and have to re-connect. I guess I am destined to get fatter and fatter, for my solution so far is use the treadmill less. This is very frustrating. I think I may try using a ferrous core. I have been reading that might help remove the interference in the phone line. Apparently they are relatively cheap at Radio Shack. Thanks for the info.

Lol on the get fatter and fatter.

I had the same problem with my treadmill. The RFI interference from the treadmill was being transmitted up the power wires around the house and passing the interference in to the telephone lines. I resolved the problem by plugging the treadmill in to a Belkin PureAV surge protector. Apparently, its "Power Filter Technology (PFT) isolates contamination to prevent AC and EMI/RFI power distortions". Whatever, it resolved the problem perfectly. Obviously, you would need the correct (voltage) version of this product for your country.

Thanks for the tip

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