Update: Make a fast $10 and $5/month with banners

Update: It's now called Money4Banners and your are paid in USD instead. It's still a good deal. In Make a fast £10 and £5/month with banner, I told you how to make a money with banners. Today, it is "paying time" at Bucks4Banners because I got £15(29.49USD) deposited into my PayPal account(first payment). Next month, it will be £5. So, join me on Bucks4Banners and make money too!

Payment from Bucks4Banners


I'm making money this days with domains with a 4 in it ;)

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Hi Steve,

I was going to do it anyway in post and would hope other bloggers would to. I like reviewing this type of experiment but it does cost money that this blog does not bring now. Maybe they will visit the blog from 1 Cool File.

Bucks4Banners is one of my favorite programs online. It's probably the easiest money you'll ever make :D


That's bad :(

Ok, I found the answer somewhere else. I must have not received the email or it when in the junk.

I just joined Money4Banners today I hope its gonna be my new earner. :D


Matched.co.uk, a site that matches advertisers with publishers, launched in August and is a great way for advertisers to get their name out there and for publishers to make money through placing ads on their sites.

One can make a few dollars with matched.co.uk but I don't think it is worth the risk (of getting a penalty). On the other hand the paypal picture provided here is a little outdated. I mean that Pound isn't 2 U.S. dollars anymore, but around 1.5

lol papi


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