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(and make money too) site) (You may check back from time to time for a new version on that site) This is my first ebook. I'm not into flashy looks or cover because I'm about the content first. You may even find typo's because English is not my first language. I like to watch movies and I like to make money. So, I merged both things with my method. I also included a few tips about traffic for beginners. This ebook was written in February 2008 but while writing it, I launched TrustURL thus delaying the distribution of the ebook. About the new site: TrustURL. It's an affordable paid URL redirection service to make short URL and centralize them in one place. I use it in this ebook and it will allow me to see how many “hits” or clicks each URLs had. If I post the ebook on other sites, I can see how many downloaded it had by creating a short URL to the PDF file. You may leave comments here or contact me(top of the page) so that I can improve the ebook. Edit 2008-04-08: Created a new official site Edit 2008-07-07: For the last few months, I generated $50-100 per month using the methods in the ebook.  Since I was occupied with other projects, I only published  5-6 posts per month. It's summer and my "movie season" so I'm publishing a little more.  I'm also trying a new other way to make money too.
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Watch Free Movies Legally (Free ebook) | McGrath Dot Ca...

[...] get some of you started, I created a free ebook that I published last week. The basis of it will give you that little push to become a doer and [...]

This sounds do-able. I've got your ebook and will look into trying it. I subscribed to your RSS so I can keep up with your great suggestions. :)

Thanks and yes, it's do-able.

Version 1.1 is now available.

Version 1.2 is now available. I added a special offer.

Version 2.0 has launched and I added a affiliate program. The price is very low thus affordable.

This gives her the opportunity to see if there are any changes that need to be made and


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