Why You Should Do Paid Reviews

Google recently slapped PayPerPost bloggers with a PageRank of zero. It may had scared you of doing paid reviews or thinking about doing them. Some may disagree but I think it's a good thing for the whole paid review industry(1 Cool File included). Of course, I still feel for PayPerPost bloggers unlike some. If you don't know, I ordered/did many reviews months ago and I can write from the point of view of advertiser, reviewer and reader. First, here are some quick notes about each side: Advertiser When I ordered my first reviews for the MIS specification, I did not know how important was PageRank and so I did not care about backlinks and PR juice. I was a real advertisers seeking real reviews about it and PR or SEO was not my main focus. I was mistakenly using PR as a rating of the number of visitors a blog has. I know better now. Reviewer I don't do paid review much on my blog(only 2 reviews and those were months ago). Plus, I only did them for $5/each and like you can read, it's was not for the money then. The majority of my reviews are not even paid but I did them on my own. If I do have an offer, I would ask to be paid. Reader I prefer when it's mentioned that it is a paid review and I don't mind a blogger doing them. Any way to make money from a blog is good way. I don't like to read negative paid reviews because the blogger don't add nothing to make it better. A review should be constructive(paid or unpaid). If you want to do negative reviews, don't be paid for it. So, why you should do paid reviews? It's simple:
  • make money
  • discover new products/services for you and your readers
  • improve your professional writing skills(French is my first language)
  • Did I mentioned to make money? :D
Conclusion or is it? This is the first part of why you should do paid reviews. In part 2, I will mentioned what steps you can do to make more money and without fear of loosing your PageRank. Of course, if you want to make sure not to missed it, you should subscribe to my RSS feed. ;)
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[...] = 'http://www.mcgrath.ca/2007/12/13/why-you-should-do-paid-reviews-part-2/'; In part 1, I showed why you should do paid reviews. In part 2, I will show you how to make more money and be [...]

You've some interesting comments but I think you're losing out on some readers as your current template doesn't have next/previous so it's difficult to read your articles where there's a part 2.

Thanks for the comment. It's in the "Related Post" section and in the comment above yours.


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